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Head office address and communication In 2009, for the change of house or office, the journey started in Dhaka. The head office of the rajdhanjmovers is Tejgaon and its only branch office is located in kawanbazar
84, Tejgaon Railgate, FDC Road, Dhaka-1215.

Contact Us Office And house shifting services
Mobile- 01755940522 + 01953701586
Web site-

Tejgaon rail gate is in the ground floor of the mosque market 45 gauge west.

Branch Office: 12/1 Hasina Market
Kawran Bazar
tejgaon dhaka bangladesh

Open-close: Office And house shifting services
This organization provides customer service 7 days a week.
01755940522 and 01953701586, the phone has to be booked at least 24 hours in advance.
By giving a call to the home or office, by giving a home or office address, the staff from the rajdhan

rajdhani movers good packers and movers or house shifting offices shifting services in dhaka bangladesh.24/hours packing shifting services.

Contact Us Office And house shifting services



rajdhani movers will come to know about the car’s goods according to the goods of the house or office. Then according to the car, the charging charge is determined according to the charge chart. If the customer wants to go to this prescribed charge, then accept the money receipt for the payment of the advance 1,000.

Pay bills:
As soon as the shifting is complete, the bill has to be paid. Cash is to be paid by the bill.

Services :- Home shiifting  services or office shifting.
Transportation system: trucks, pickups and covered vehicles. Loads and uploads of laboratories. Work workers’ supplies. Furniture packing open and fittings. Air conditioning open fittings and servicing services. Before charging, all the charges are set together by looking at the measurement of the goods. There is no separate charge. Charges are determined depending on the amount of the goods. Once goods are shifted. Packages of goods are cost less when the pack is packaged. The shifting vehicle has the maximum service of 1 (one) service provider. Provide the service.

Contact Us Office And house shifting services

Compensation :-
If the goods are damaged during transport, the company is not compensated. However, if the amount of damages is high, then the company is paid a lot of compensation on behalf of the company. The compensation is determined by the company and the customer.

Transport charge :
Domicile in Dhaka, charge for office transfer depends on the amount and nature of the goods. That means if the goods are transported in 1 ton pickup van, then the customer will have to pay Tk 3,500 to 4,500.

For example, charge (discard packing.
1.5 Ton Pickup (Dhaka City)
3000-3500 taka

2 Ton Pickup (Dhaka City)
4000-4500 taka

3 Ton Pickup (Dhaka City)
4000-5000 taka

4 Ton Cover Van (Dhaka City)
55000-10,000 raka

5 Ton Cover Vans (Dhaka City)
8000-12000 raka

Air conditioning:
A) 1 split type (open-fitting
3000 Taka

  1. B) Window type (open-fitting
  2. C) Ceiling fan (open-fitting)
    200 taka (each)

TV (open-fitting)
600 taka (each)

IPS (open-fitting)
1000 taka

Gizar (open-fitting)
1000 taka
Contact Us Office And house shifting services
Terms :
If there is any service outside the price list, it will be determined by the goods surveys / assession. The rates will be determined by discussing if you want to shifting any city from Dhaka to Dhaka. There is no fixed rent in this regard. It determines the distance of the new home from the old house and how much the floor will be going up to it, and the rates may change. The ability to change, amplify and change the price list, according to the quality, distance, or quality of the bus office. –rajdhani movers