AC Repair and Installation Ac Servicing


AC Repair and Installation Ac Servicing

Ac servicing In Bangladesh, the summer heats have been risen so high that air conditioners have become a
fundamental need. But an air conditioner is basically a complex machine and demands some sort of
professional handling. Thus Rajdhani Movers has appeared with some ultimate services that may ease your
use of air conditioners. To begin with, you will certainly not be able to set up the air conditioner. Thus
we are here to install the air conditioner with the best outcome. The not only installation we can do any
sort of repairing and servicing, Our expert team members are intensely trained to provide any sort
of ac servicing and installation. From anywhere of the country you may contact us and we will be right
there at your doorstep to help you with your air conditioner within the cheapest rate possible. ac servicing

Make a wise move; choose Rajdhani Movers

Apart from all the traditional companies, we offer multi-dimensional services. We understand that
domestic air conditioner services and official air conditioner services should not the same. There are vast
differences and the requirements also servicing ,Thus we decided to provide both domestic and official            air conditioner . Let's check our proposed offers that make us unconditionally the best in the

  • Domestic Air Conditioner services: As we know that your house air conditioners are different
    from the official ones. Thus we have a complete solution for any sort of ac servicing of your                            house air conditioner servicing. Whether you need repair, installation or maintenance services, we can provide
    it all. No matter what are your domestic air conditioner demands are, contact us for the best
    services within an affordable range.


  • Commercial Air Conditioner Services: Well, usually commercial air conditioner set up comes
    with tasks in bulk. But we have a large team always prepared for bulk task handling; regardless
    of how many ACs need to be installed or need servicing, our team is always ready and able to
    serve you. Not only for offices, have we even worked for commercial spaces as in shopping
    malls, or residential societies and buildings. ac servicing ,We may take care of multiple ACs and maintain
    them as well. basa bodol


  • Transport Air Conditioner Services: This unique service is probably offered by us only. We offer
    transport ac repair as well. Next time you are struggling with your car AC, just contact we and
    our correspondent will be there to fix it. No need to run for mechanics and wasting tons of servicing , And we all know how it becomes difficult to manage car mechanics at times. No hassle
    of garages just contact us to and we will set it in a good term. ac transport


  • Our services are open to all the brands. No matter which brand you AC belongs to, all we see is a
    machine and our team members are efficient enough to deal with servicing
  • We have replacement offers of the parts that can't be repaired.
  • We do the measurements of RH%, CO and CO2 if you demand.
  •  24/7 customer service is promised and you can literally get our correspondent at your service
    anytime.  ac servicing  in dhaka

Our Services: The secret of being the dominator

Air Conditioner Installation
This is the most crucial part and demands professional assistance thus we are here to help you. Our
team with extensive training is capable of installing every ac servicing from every brand. As the installation part isquite tricky and demands more effort, we send the best men to you. And rest of the process goes like
this: ac services bd

  •  We at first take an onsite measure of your home so that we can determine whether the AC unit
    is suitable for your home or not. ac servicing ,house shifting in dhaka
  • Once we are done with the measurement and are assured of the AC unit, immediately we go for
    the ductwork. We use either a metal backed or sealant duct tape to perform the whole task.
  •  Then we consider the exact amount of refrigerant that is necessary to cool your home.
  •  The next step is to set the exact amount of referent in the lowest energy costs. house change


What can be more dreadful than a dead AC during the summer? We know how tough it becomes to deal
the heat without your ac servicing . Thus we come to the spot within the shortest time once you contact us. Our
team takes a thorough look at the AC and notes the ac repairing needed to make it work again. Once we
are prepared with the notes, we may notify you about the costing apart from our charge as most of the
times parts need to be replaced as well. ac servicing ,After your confirmation, we start working. In the case of parts
replacement, you can give us the required parts or you can buy parts from us as well. And the rest of the
procedures will be handled by our team. Once we are done, we may offer you to recheck how the
repairing works for your satisfaction. packers and movers


Though your air conditioner looks very soothing from its outside appearance but basically it is a complex
machine. The air conditioner is in easy words a combination of some moving parts, complex circuits, and
motors. Most of the times you are so busy with your daily life that you put the least of your
concentration on your ac servicing . As a result of poor maintenance, it breaks down or costs high energy due to
any malfunction. So what to do? The solution is right here. You can appoint us for a seasonal
maintenance check-up of your air conditioner. This way you don't have to waste your time and we can
also take care of your machine's health. We have a variety of offers, depends on which one you want to
take. All you have to do is contact us, fix a schedule and set a period of time when you want us to check
your ac for maintenance. servicing Our maintenance service includes:  ac servicing

  • Inspect and recharge refrigerant.
  • Clean the system and condensing coils.
  •  Test the condensate line obstruction.
  • Check the compressor and thermostat.
  • Balance the amount of refrigerant.