House Office Shifting Services


In the rajdhani movers complex,mill factories house and office Shifting services are visited by a fixed price spot. We follow all work ethics and safety standards during the transfer process. we are experienced and trained personnel running,who understand the complexity involved during the process of the transition receive customer friendly service with a professional approach.

rajdhani movers offer services like, house shifting,offices shifting,packing, loading and unloading, unpacking and rebuilding services. we provide additional big and heavy furniture moving services warehousing and storage facilities, automobile carrier services, pets and plant transfer services, transportation services and more, additional transfer services.

commercial restoration services.

commercial transfer services include set up,transfer of factories and shops.generally,such movements are made in large scale non office hours or business holidays.they are professional service providers and are special services that are managed by direct managers.the relocation process is designed to take care of corporate relocation needs.

long distance rehab service

Any relocation activity above 100 miles is considered as a long distance step. Packers and movers of long distances are perfectly skilled in moving far and wide transit between interstate or interdependent pathways.

local rehabilitation services

local restoration services work in the city and with a 100-mile radius.

International restoration services

International transit services are designed to help people move from one country to other countries. reliable transfer companies are authorized to perform international operations.

Full range of services

Genuine packers and movers render full range of displacement services. their agreement is involved in managing packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, transport and rearrangement.there is no need for a dealer directly with this activity of the customer.these services are offered at reasonable prices.

Limited relocation services

Customers who are looking for budget friendly displacement services can be nominated by the packers and movers for limited transfer services.these company destinations are responsible for loading, unloading, and transporting your products.they are concerned only about packing and unpacked services.


Self relocation services

Under this placement service, customers are provided commercial carriers like trailers or a mobile storage container.customers can load their belongings by themselves and the container is sent to the desired destination.he customer is in charge of packing,unpacking,loading and unloading and setting up the product.

before choosing for any such service, consider all aspects of relocation involved.for example, if a customer is removed for self service or limited running services, they are responsible for taking good responsibility of duty and supervising themselves with almost all the steps.

packing products family or commercial by you are not anything lightly.Important to select well packing materials and pack with utmost care is important. one should plan ahead and adequate time for packing objects should be allocated. start as soon as possible, say one to two months before it will be a wise decision.

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We provide online directories at packers and movers so that you can find the trusted name in the market and you can do all the necessary packing and moving jobs for you. customs clearance department will soon start working on the land as well as the customs clearance department when the products are ready for clearance, the traditional documentation prepared in custom sections is submitted.the invoice is cleared by electronic means that your products and items have safely reached the priority element with the destination reached.packers and movers operate as registered brokers and provide different benefits such as line billing,such as advice on all types of transport like air, sea and space.

Rajdhani movers is one of the most reliable relocation companies and the most searched online address book of companies who have acquired many years of experience in shifting. It has an easily accessible list of relocation companies to help people in the best possible way anywhere in bangladesh.for it to be accessible you just need a computer system and internet connection and the rest work will be performed by the website itself. The services of these enlisted companies are so proficiently designed to cater to the requirement of the customers and fulfil the sky scrapping expectations of the clients.

These moving companies are best known to provide to its clients with unparalleled and efficiently designed moving services in household shifting as well as in various others. In case there is any damage caused to the items during transportation, the company is also entitled to providing insurance coverage.