The magnitude of the Rajdhani Movers or Make your home and office ac very easy to customize. You can clear the part of the AC inside the house. If you open the top lid of split ac, the filter or filter may be seen. Take out the strainer and wash it with water well below the tap. Then after drying it again, it will be done. The surrounding areas must be removed with dry cloth. The hybrid filter should be cleaned every month. Wash the filter with a dish washer or white vinegar in light hot water. Once a year, the condenser coaches need to be cleaned. In this, the efficiency of the AC is long lasting. Condenser coils should be cleaned very carefully with soft brush. The use of AC often results in sultry odor in the house. To remove this smell, wash the water pan with the dish washer. Many times the bees, ants or other insects nest in the outside of the body. So regular seer parts should be flip-deleted. In order to use and clean any electrical device, its manual should be read, ie manual. The most important thing is that before starting the work, the electricity connection must be closed. Split ac has two parts. The campus units are outside. There is another part of the house inside. Window AC is a device, but there is a bit of it inside, the rest is outside. It is difficult to clean the outer part by using two types of ac. But the inner part can be easily cleaned at home every easily. If the upper part of the Ace is removed with regular dry cloth, the white card will not be yellow color. Many times the spots on the stool may fall. The scar of the scar will be cleaned with white vinegar in dry cloth. If it does not get stained, then remove the nail polish remover gently to remove it. It is possible to clean the indoor unit itself by cleaning the AC. The outer part must be done by skilled man in this work. It is very good if the AC cleaner is cleaned with spray, then the inside of your head will be shiny like the new one. In addition to cleaning themselves at home, once a year, the specialist should be serviced by the person. It is also good for the servicing of the rajdhani movers.