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Furniture Shifting Service

Furniture Shifting Service in Dhaka City all Bangladesh

Moving to a new city or a new state? Well, it takes too much to deal with the furniture, right? From dismantling, packing, loading, and moving to ensuring that they reach safely and without any damage, is too much of a headache. How about hiring a helping hand in the form of a furniture shifting service provider? Be with us as we discuss why you should hire one and how doing so can prove out to be really beneficial for you.

How Rajdhani Movers Helps You to Shift Your Heavy Furniture?

Rajdhani Movers has been a leading service provider in the fields of shifting furniture, households/office equipment, plant and machinery, and industrial goods since a very long time. It will be no exaggeration if we introduce ourselves as famous and leading furniture packers and movers.

We are well known for our high-class service that we provide. So, we serve in almost all cities across the nation. No matter where you live, you would always find Rajdhani Movers at your doorstep to help you transport your valuables.

Rajdhani Movers knows how precious your goods are for you, and your trust is for us. So, we take every possible measure to ensure shifting your valuable house safely and in time. We specialize in moving corporate and household goods. However, our list of services being provided is a bit long. Not only do we help in home shifting and office shifting, but also offer facilities of warehousing, loading-unloading, and insurance.

Our main motto is client satisfaction and at no cost can we compromise on that. Thus, whenever in need of a trusted and reputed furniture/ equipment shifting service, think of us, and just us!

What to consider while shifting from one place to another?

Shifting your home is much more of a responsibility than excitement. This is no magic that happens with the blink of an eye, especially in the case of furniture. There are a lot of things to be kept in mind while preparing to shift furniture. Here are a few tips to help you with the same:

Furniture Dismantle & reassembly

Few furniture items don’t need disassembly. Then some need to be disassembled before you move and then reassembled when you reach your destination. Bed frames, large dining tables, shelving units and vanities are some of them. There need not be any confusion about the fact that you should definitely dismantle them and not try to move them as they are. That way, they are more likely to get damaged. If you know how to disassemble the furniture, go ahead. In case you don’t, hire Rajdhani Movers Company to get it done.

Once you reach your destination, you would require to reassemble it, and it might eat up a little time. But without a doubt, this whole process is the safest.

Furniture Wrapping

Moving is not as simple as loading the furniture and then unloading it at the destination. The process involved is quite lengthy and includes much more than these two steps, and one of them is to protect the furniture from scratches and nicks. How can you do that? By wrapping them. This is to prevent surface damage that responsible moving companies, like ours, cover the furniture and also pad them inside the carrier vehicle. Furniture items that are delicate and have the chances to get damaged on the move are the most important to be wrapped. Not just it prevents damage but also keeps the goods from sliding around during transit.

If your mind is stuck on what to use for wrapping, 3-ply industrial cardboard wrap is a great choice. However, we, Rajdhani Movers, prefer wrapping upholstered pieces in the plastic-shrink wrap to keep them extra safe. After all, your goods are valuable for you, and we value your emotions and trust the most.

Expert Movers to load and unload

If you think loading-unloading is an easy task, let us tell you- it’s not. It requires expertise guiding for proper loading, as our company provides the same. Proper loading means placing the right item at the right place to make the carrier vehicle tightly packed. This is to eliminate extra sliding or movement of the furniture during the transit, which directly refers to reduced dings or scratches. This is why we say you need expert movers to help you.

Similar is the case with unloading as well. You don’t want to damage your furniture at the time of unloading when you did so much to protect it all the way. So, expert movers unload the truck with utmost safety, and that’s all you need.

Why must you hire a professional mover’s company for furniture shifting?

If you’ve ever had a passing thought in your mind about why do you need professional movers at all, here’s why:

  1. Professional movers share your load to a lot extent and ensure you have an easy time moving your furniture.
  2. You need not buy professional tools required for wrapping, loading and unloading. So, you also end up saving money even if it doesn’t seem so at the very initial stage.
  3. They are experts and are trained to provide a stress-free and a smooth move. Thus, there’s reliability in hiring them.
  4. What’s better than the fact that you don’t have to deal with heavy weights or you need not stress on how to pack what item? Put it all on the experience and skills of the efficient moving company you’re hiring.
  5. Above all, your property is safe with experts. They know how to deal with it, and there are minimal chances of any damage taking place. For even the minimum loss, if at all, the moving company is answerable, and they also provide insurance.


It’s good to be self-dependent but not always. Let experts handle your property safely and nicely when you move into a new house and a new life. Hire Rajdhani Movers, a reliable furniture shifting service provider, and share your load.