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House Move

Secret Decoded: Pack Your Clothes Appropriately During Your House Move.

The least concerned matter during your house move is packing clothes properly as neither they are fragile nor they are difficult to carry as your larger appliances. But your slight negligence to organize and your clothes while house moving can actually lead you to lose your favorite piece of clothing. Even you may end up damaging the fabric due to the last minute rush packing. No matter whether you have a handful of clothes or you have an entire closet to house move, you have to be calculative and sincere while packing them. If you hire packers and movers, give them the perfect instructions about your clothing so that they can do packing thing effectively. If you are packing yourself, be sure to start earlier and give equal importance like your fragile belonging packing. house shifting

Instructions You Must Follow To Pack Your Clothes during house shifting

There are some dos and don’ts, you must follow while packing your clothes. The work can be hectic but by following the steps below you can actually ease the whole process. Go through the paragraphs below and master the art of packing and organizing your clothes during your next house move.

Asses Clothes Beforehand

It is always better to have an idea about your clothing so that you can keep track of them while packing and can also determine the number of packing boxes you will need. Take a look at how much hats, shoes, and clothes you do have. Open the drawers as well and take all your clothes out. Then the assessment process begins. The process continues with sorting the clothes according to some facts. house move

Sorting Is Smart and Effective

Not all the clothes are the same; some are expensive, some are not, some are your favorites and some are just kept you don’t have any idea why. And there is no point in carrying all the clothes to your new house move. You can always go for selling or donating them. Thus sort the clothes as per the following factors. house moves in dhaka

Clothes to Store: There is obviously some piece of clothing that may be attached to your heart. Clothes gifted by any dear person or your wedding dress can be stored. Though you may not wear them you don’t have to part with them. You consult places where you can store them or can pack them securely to carry them with you if you have enough space at your newplace.

Clothes to Donate: If you have clothes that are not in use, no possibilities are there to use them, you can always donate those clothes. Or sometimes it happens that extra clothes create plenty of extra transportation cost. In this case, the better idea is to donate some of your clothes to help the needed.

Sell Your Clothes: Even your clothes can let you earn money. If you have extra clothes like gifts on your birthdays. If they are still on trend but you are not anyways going to wear them, it is best just to sel them. This way you can also earn some money during the house move.

Wash Your Clothes before Packing

This may sound silly but prior washing can actually benefit your packing process. There is just no point of carrying your dirty clothes with the fresh ones. Thus washing clothes before packing is a must. Never carry damp clothes as it will increase the weight of packages and will also dampen the other clothes. So,once you wash the clothes, dry them as well.house shifting in dhaka

Categorize Your Clothes

This is the pre-packing stage, you have to categorize all your clothes so that you can pack them in different boxes. Categorizing the clothes actually makes the process more organized and less hectic. You can categorize them and put them in different boxes and label them accordingly. This way there won’t be any chance of losing any of your favorite piece of clothing. You categorize your closet by. house move

By Season: Categorize your clothes depending on the season. Basically, the summer clothes are relatively lightweight and are easy to pack but the winter clothes are quite heavy and difficult to pack. Categorize them and below you will find the tips to pack them.

By Material: Your synthetics and polyester clothes can be damaged by mistreatment. The most delicate fabric is silk. Thus if you have any silk dress, you have to be extra careful. On the contrary, cotton dresses are quite easy to pack.house move

By Purpose: Well this is the most important part of categorizing your cloth. Put aside the clothes you are going to wear on the very day of moving. Keep it in a safe place so that you don’t have to waste t] your time selecting what to wear on a moving day. Then pack the clothes you will need immediately once you reach your new house. Keep this group of clothes handy so that you can fetch them at any time. Rajdhani movers pack and shift

Packing Materials for Packing Clothes during House RelocationThere are several types of packing boxes that are safe to carry your favorite clothes and they are:

Wardrobe Boxes: Wardrobe boxes are more like your moving closet with hangers. Thus clothes that are extremely delicate and get wrinkles easily can be packed in wardrobe boxes. You can easily hang them into the boxes, no need to fold or anything. You winter blazers along with the delicate dresses can be packed.

Cardboard Boxes: These boxes are for packing your folded clothes. Choose good quality cardboard boxes and put all the folded items into this and seal the boxes. You are good to go.

Plastic Wraps and Duffel Bags: These bags are probably already in your cupboard. You can wrap your shoes, belts or handkerchief or an expensive piece of clothing into them.house move

Suitcases: Suitcases are the most used and cost-effective packing material you can always opt for.These are extremely handy and safe to carry your clothes.Vacuum Bags: These bags are quite new in the market. These bags are used to pack clothes to keep them safe from the environment.

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