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Guidelines to Follow During House Shifting In Dhaka

When you are up for moving from no matter domestically, nationally or internationally, you feel chills through your spine. Sometimes, we consider moving to be a new start of our life, moving may be auspicious for your new journey. But most of the cases moving means to leave behind some unforgettable memories of your old home, neighbors, city, and area. A proper emotional turmoil I must say. Moving no doubt brings days of continuous hard work as you have to pack and move the whole house.

House shifting in Dhaka with all your valuable belongings being safe is achallenge to meet. When you come to know about moving, a mixed feeling occurs and I can bet the feeling is not always positive. The whole shifting process goes through a lot of physical and mental stress. And obviously it effects on your financial condition, you cannot but spend a considerable amount of money during the whole process.

Insane quantity of tasks cross your way; from packing, organizing, shifting and decorating, you have to handle all. You will definitely get so many advises from your close ones but will have only a few hands to help you. house shifting in dhaka city is nothing less than a nightmare for any of us. Dhaka being the most chaotic place makes house shifting unnecessarily hectic and tiresome. Yet there are some tricks and guidelines to make your move less scary. Follow the content below to get every information on house moving .

Step By Step House Shifting Process

House sifting is a very complicated process. The whole shifting process has certain stages and it is always wise to follow the steps in a particular manner to minimize the hassle. There are many parts included in your moving task; packing, moving, unboxing redecorating and many more. When you intend to move your house, the first thing you must do is to make a "to-do list". Write down everything that has to be performed during the move and work accordingly. To help you out our experts have made a step by step guidelines of the stages of  house shifting in dhaka attached with a diagram. Check this out.

  • Prepare a To Do List
  • New House Inspection
  • Sort and Downsize
  • Hire Packers and Movers
  •  Packing
  •  Moving
  •  Unpacking
  •  Redecorating

Prepare a To-Do List

This is probably the most ignored yet the most important part of house shifting. The success rate of house shifting relies upon how well you can pre-plan the whole task. The "to-do list" must include the order of performing the tasks. If you wish to make a checklist a week before the move, you will be in great hassle. It is better to make the list 4 or 5 weeks prior to your shifting. So, you can check and re- check the list again and again. Within your list, you must include house shifting in dhaka.

  • The bills you have to pay before leaving
  • Your packing strategy
  • Tickets booking
  • Pet transportation if you have any
  • Looking for packers and movers

These are the basic things you must pre-plan. This list actually makes you organized and keeps you away from every hassle. If you do not plan your Moving process properly, there is a strong possibility of hampering your valuable belongings.

New House Inspection

The next step is to inspect your new destination to decorate it properly. Before you opt for other activities of house shifting , you must go and measure your new house. The proper house inspection is important to furnish the house. Not every house has the same space in the same parts. As in your old house may have a spacious living room to adjust a big size sofa. But your new house may have less spacious living room than the old one. Thus your big size sofa won't fit there and there is no point of carrying such a big size sofa with transportation cost that apparently won't fit. House inspection and proper measurement will help you to downsize your furniture as well.

Sort and Downsize
Now, this step is to carb your extra transportation cost and to get some extra money. When you select your new house, you can explore the unnecessary furniture that won't fit into the new house. And you can easily put them on a sale. Again house shifting in dhaka demands you go through all your belongings and then you can easily identify the items you don't or you won't use any more. No point on carrying those unwanted belonging, right? You can donate those things to treat your humanity or you can sell them to
treat your pocket.

Hiring packers and movers (optional but beneficiary)
Now, this step is a lead to your luxury experience of house shifting service. If you can find a reliable packers ad Movers Company, the rest of your work will be done by expert hands. The choice is up to you. Packers and movers basically work according to your requirements. You have to choose their services among the various offered ones. They will go for house inspection and will also scrutinize the belongings to be packed. An experienced company has trained officials those can work with utmost perfection. They will handle all your hectic tasks; from packing to redecorating, they can sort it all. But of course, they will charge money. But most of us can afford them. Just google some of the best-reviewed companies and compare the prices, you are good to hire among them. Or to have a great experience you can also call us up.


Well, the most crucial and difficult part of your house shifting in dhaka process. Pack wisely, be precise and cut the excess baggage. The extra package will cost you a lot during transportation. Always keep good packing materials; they won't bulk the packages and will give extra protection. You can use your blankets or winter clothes to wrap electronic devices. This way they will be safe and you won't have to carry the heavy blankets with added transportation cost. Pack in an organized manner; either pack room by room or belongings by belongings. Either you can pack one room after or you can pack the same belongings at a time. As in you can pack the electronic devices in a day and on the other day you can pack just the clothes. This will make the process organized otherwise unplanned packing can actually consume your time and cause unwanted chaos.

This process is important to keep your vulnerable belongings safe. When you move to make sure you carry the boxes with utmost safety so that you don't end up damaging them real bad. Packers and movers will be the best consideration for this step. They have exoreic regarding the moving process, thus they can move and transport your belongings safely. Or you DIY as well but it may take a lot of efforts. When you move, count and mark the boxes. You can keep some things on the same colored boxes so that you find them easily during unpacking.

This step is quite tricky. You can just put the boxes to the rooms they belong to. As in you can put your bedroom furniture and other things to the bedroom when you reload them. Otherwise, if you open the boxes randomly you will have to carry the belongings here and there. Better you open them only where they belong.

This process depends solely on your taste and comfort. You can either redecorate the house like the previous one. Or if you want some change you can ask your packers and movers to redecorate your house shifting in dhaka. They usually have experienced interior decorators who can give you some classy advice regarding redecorating.

Tricks to Make your House Shifting Simple and Easy
The hard process can be trimmed to an easy and simple one with some smart ideas and tips. But the most significant step is to hire packers and movers to help you out. There are other subsidiary ideas that can actually make the process simple but hiring packers and movers is the most significant one. Check out the tips that can practically help you out

Hire packers and movers
This is the most significant part of easy moving. All you have to spend some extra money and hire packers and movers. You must choose a responsible one so that you can get the maximum of them. You can contact us to minimize your stress. Once we hire us we take over all your responsibilities till the date of redecorating.

Get rid of extra transportation cost
Transportation is expensive and you must not carry the unnecessary belongings with you to carb your transportation cost. Thus you can save your money and can invest in any other aspects. Again it will decrease your carrying hassle.

Ask Friends to help
Though you can have packers and movers to help you out they won’t give you every support. house shifting in dhaka comes with emotional turmoil as well. Thus your friends can give you mental support along with some concrete support.

Keep your kids Comfortable
When you shift your house, the kids are most likely to be disturbed. Due to the sudden displacement and during the days of you being extremely busy they may feel left out. Never let this happen. Your kids once being disgusted can irritate you to the core. Thus always keep them happy so that you can perform your task easily.

Always Make an Emergency Box
You must keep an emergency box where you may put some dry food, clothes, and medication. This box should be in your easy reach. In an emergency, if you need anything you must not unpack your baggage rather you can just your things from this particular box.

Packers and Movers, Your Ultimate Saviour: The reasons you must hire packers and movers
Though no one can take care of your belongings better than you yet packers and movers are quite responsive to your things. The best decision of your life could be hiring packers and movers during your house shifting in dhaka. Packers and movers provide you with immense facilities. Check the paragraph below to know what packers and movers:

You can Choose Whatever Service You Need
Packers and movers have different services to offer such as packing, loading, unloading, transportation and redecorating. You can either choose all the services or you can choose individually as per your need. This flexibility of choosing services is a great relief who don't want to pay a huge amount. But in our expert opinion, it is better to get the complete package. It will give you discounts and you can relax through the home shifting.

Packing Perfection
Packers and movers have trained employee, they know their work. Thus packing the most hectic part of the whole moving process becomes extremely easy with their help. Their expert hands just know the right ways to pack your belongings. Even they provide packing materials as well. None can know better which packing material to use for which purpose other than packers and movers. Thus they get the accurate materials to pack your belongings. They perform the whole task systematically thus no hassle occurs. You actually just have to scrutinize their work and don't have to do anything else.house shifting in dhaka

Safety Insurance
Whether it is during transportation, loading, unloading or during packing, there remain strong chances of your belongings being damaged. But every well-known packers and movers company has safety insurance. That means if any of your belongings get lost or damaged, the packers and movers company will compensate for that. This is, in my opinion, the best feature of packers and movers.

Less Effort from Your side
Packers and movers take care of the things and reduce your stress. You can convert your attention to other tasks. House shifting has different aspects and there are different things that need to be taken care of. When you hire packers and movers, they will take care of the packing and transportation aspects. On the other side, you can take care of other legal and personal formalities. Thus even less involvement from your side will make the process happen successfully.

To Complete Process Fast
Well, in some cases you may have a deadline from your landlords to vacant the house. In such a hurry, there is no other way than hiring packers and movers. They have years of experience, they are so well trained that they can manage everything with the shortest time possible. Again even if you are not in hurry, you obviously don't want to lengthen the process. Packers and movers with utmost excellence will do every task in a very short time. They are quick in their approach thus they will consume the least time. So, packers and movers are the best choices to speed up the whole house shifting in service dhaka process.

Costs you less
Though it might be surprising for you actually packers and movers cost you less. When you plan to move by yourself, you end up investing more money than hiring packers and movers in dhaka. When you do the process yourself, you spend a lot of time to manage everything. As a result, there occurs physical and mental tiredness. Eventually affects your professional life. You may ask for leave and sacrifice the cut from your salary. Again when you transport by yourself the agencies demand more from you. On the contrary packers and movers have their own collaborated transportation agencies and they avail discounts as well. Packers and movers bring packing materials with them. But when you pack, you have to buy the materials. Thus on a practical basis, packers and movers are cheap and hiring them will save your money.

Packers and Movers Vs When You Do It Yourself
Most of you don't hire packers and movers by just assuming the charge. But most of the packers and movers are actually budget-friendly. When you choose to perform the whole house shifting in dhaka process by yourself, there is a solid chance of being misled or doing anything wrong. But packers and movers have trained manpower, they know their job. So, keeping aside the money factor, packers and movers are your little investment to stress-free shifting.

Follow the table below to know the exact difference between DIY house shifting and hiring packers and movers:

  • Aspects  / DIY /House Shifting Packers and Movers
    Budget/   Apparently, it may seem like DIY can save your money. But it will save a very little amount of money that won't worth your effort.
  • Packers and movers
    will surely cost you extra money. But they would take responsibility for everything. And the small amount of money will ensure extreme luxury for your
  •  Packing by yourself is extremely difficult.

As most of us don't have experience in packing, Packing with packers and movers dhaka is nothing less than a delight. Their experts know the we may end up damaging our belongings. exact ways of packing individual material.

Transportation  When we transport the boxes, most of the times are not aware of the transportation company that much. Again transportation demands proper experience during loading and unloading. Packers and movers have their own transportation facilities or they have collaboration with agencies. Thus transportation with them is extremely safe.

Time: The whole shifting process consumes your valuable time. As you may not have prior experience, you will take more time to the task,our time will besaved. You can do your office works while packers and movers will take care of
everything.house shifting in dhaka

Stress Management Stress level goes as high as possible as you have to manage everything solely. Packers and movers will take away all your stress with their experienced involvement.

Safety Sometimes due to lack of experience, you won't be able to make sure the proper safety of your things during packing, loading, unloading or even redecorating.They have trained manpower thus they know the safety factors of your belongings and work accordingly.

Efficiency Obviously, the efficiency level won't be great. There will be mistakes when you do the process all by
yourself. Packers and movers have experience of their work and at the same time, they are professionally trained.
Thus the efficiency level is always high.

Things to Consider When You Hire Packers and Movers
If you search for packers and movers online, you will receive numerous options. But you have to hire
only the best ones because you cannot risk your belongings at all. Packers and movers are blessing for
you but your incorrect choice can cost you a lot. Thus be careful, look for the following things when you
intend to hire packers and movers.house shifting in dhaka

Always check the reviews

Reviews are the best things to start your research. Research their online site and look for the customer
reviews. Authentic reviews can actually help you out. Read the reviews and if the reviews give you
positive feeling, you can go for a particular company. Again you can ask you, friends, if they have hired
packers and movers before to get most authentic reviews.

Compare the Price
Sometimes you will see some packers and movers ask for fancy and high price. Never do a deal with
them. Always compare the price with others and then only finalize any of the companies that offer a
decent price.

Insurance and Legal Document
Packers and movers are going to work with your household belongings moving and even expensive electronic devices and furniture. Thus it is important to find reliable ones. Always ask for legal contracts of your deal. Never hire packers and movers bd who refuse to provide legal contract paper. Again all the verified packers and movers company provide insurance and claims. If they lose or damage any of your belonging, they are bound to compensate for it. Thus always be sure of the insurance feature.

Wrap Up
House Shifting In Dhaka comes with difficult challenges and nothing less than a roller coaster ride. Thus we come forward to share tour stress and take care of all your needs with our mindblowing services. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Our employees are trained, customer-friendly and know how to manage your requirements. Enjoy our services within the cheapest price possible.