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One of the most hectic things in this world is house shifting or houserelocation.

When it comes to house shifting, it is nothing less than a nightmare to us. One of the most hectic things in this world is house shifting or houserelocation. You have tons of task to do while shifting. The whole shifting process is all enough to freak yourself out. You have to pack your goods and furniture and then transportation, unloading, unpacking and the finally redecorating. Each and every step is more frightening than the other. All these steps under a sole supervision are quite impossible. While shifting an extra helping hand appears as a blessing. We the Rajdhani Movers have come to serve you ensuring a magnificent range of house shifting service. We specially provide our house shifting services in Dhaka city but we can assist you in all over Bangladesh. All your hectic days will be gone when your house shifting will be done by maintained and organized supervision. So, relax and enjoy your nightmare with us.

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    Basic Service

    Loading, Unloading

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    Supplementary Service

    Crates, Third Party Activation, Epilogue

Basic Service:

Loading: We ensure a safe loading as we know the importance of your furniture. We take time and get yourself organized by making a plot how the whole packing will be done. Thus with an expert plan, we start packing. We provide durable cartoons for furniture and plastic stretch wrap for all the delicate decorative substance of your house. Then we load all the cartoons in a systematic way in our own moving trucks. During the whole process of loading, we remain careful than ever not to damage a single piece of your belongings.

Carriage: Whether your belongings are being shifted within Dhaka city or outside Dhaka, we ensure well-trained drivers. All the drivers are occupied after having a one-month training session and they all are licensed. During the training session, they get to know how to carry delicate household goods without causing any harm. Accidents are something that often cannot be controlled by us but yes, we ensure you to try our level best of not facing any of them. Our drivers are that much trained to behave sensibly.

Unloading: After safely reaching your destination our expert movers will carefully unload all the things. We give you the chance to check your belongings whether all of them have safely reached or not. As per your direction, we will place all the things in rooms. We provide the redecoration service as well

Supplementary Service:

Crates: Electronic equipment needs extra care while shifting. Thus we provide crates that are customized according to electronic equipment and delicate furniture. Large and expensive house belongings that do not fit well into the packages will be carried with crates.

Cars/ Boats/ Pet Transportation: Shifting anything I really mean any single thing is not impossible for us. We don’t offer your house shifting services only with your household belongings rather we come with an offer of shifting cars and pets and even your boats (if you have any). It is so logical that you will not move without your pets, right? So, yeah we offer you a transportation system for your pets and cars.

Shuttle: We Provide shuttle services in case you have very entrance or obstructed space to take out all your belongings. So, we provide shuttle services so that we can take out all your furniture direct from your door to our transports. Thus all your furniture can be carried with the least damage within a narrow or obstructed entrance.

Third Party Activation: When you move to any new residence, you will surely need third party help in chores like house cleaning or electricity connections or plumbers. We offer you a team of specialized third-party help so that you do not need to find helping hands in an unknown place. In short, we take care of each and everything regarding the shifting.

Redecorating: Our basic services include unloading the goods but as per your requirement we can also redecorate your house. It is an additional service that we offer. It may take a few charges but you will get a trained a person and a team to redecorate and dazzle your house with the great sense of decorating.