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Office Shifting

Office relocation or office shifting is something that sometimes becomes necessary for the further establishment of your business. The whole process of relocation is so stressing and time-consuming that it may cause great profit loss to you. If you think that you have sufficient manpower to shift or relocate your office then I might say you are wrong.office shifting, Your manpower or your office stuff may help you in this process but their involvement will cause great harm to your business. Thus for office shifting it always the wise way to choose experts. Again office relocation is not similar to houses hifting. It is just not like carrying the household shifting belongings, it is many more. The office has work equipment and technical goods. They need extra care and trained supervision while shifting. Otherwise, it may come out as a great loss for you. We, Rajdhani Movers offer you the best office shift services for your office relocation. Our trained manpower gets specific training on office belonging shifting. We can shift every single thing of your office with utmost care and safety. We provide you services within Dhaka city and also in any city of Bangladesh.

Question and Answer:

We are often inquired with some frequent questions regarding our Services. So, here I will discuss the questions so that you can get aclearconception of your queries.

Do we have enough manpower to relocate an office?

We are a well-connected organization with a large trained team that can move any office thing. We have themanpower, equipment and moving avehicle that can allow any sort of office goods. From IT products to furnitures like chair and desk, we are eligible for moving anything. office shifting, We have atraining session for the Packers, carriers, cleaner, decorators and every possible who are related to our company. Our premium trucks are spacious enough for the whole office let alone your office goods. Our trucks are customized concentrating especially on the types of office furniture. So, yeah we have enough manpower for your office shifting.

Do the-extent, we can relocate office goods?

Well, we are able to relocate almost everything from IT equipment to modular furniture systems. But form some goods we need to pre-prepare. You just have to mention us in advance about what you want toshift. office shifting, And we will organize our team as per your requirement. We offer crating, lab relocation, pad wrapping and even air transport. So, now you may be cleared that we can literally shift anything.

How much we may cost?

Regarding this aspect, I would like to mention that as per the previous record we are quite reasonable when it comes tocost. We believe that serving you and your total satisfaction is something which is to be admired more than just money. But we, of course, need to pay our crews as it is not a voluntary job. office shifting, We cut the least figure and demand for only our efforts. But if you take our luxury services then you may have to pay some extra penny for some obvious reasons.
Services We Offer

We provide two different types of services and they are:

Fundamental Service:

Packing:We take time and get yourself organized by making a plot how the whole packing will be done. Thus with an expert plan, we start packing. office shifting,We provide durable cartoons for furniture and plastic stretch wrap for all the delicate decorative substance of your office. We provide different packing materials for different goods like for it substances, furniture and decorations, we offer adifferent kind of boxes for each of them.office shifting, Then we load all the cartoons in a systematic way in our own moving trucks. office shifting During the whole process of loading, we remain careful than ever not to damage a single piece of your belongings.Again we have two types of packing; one is thefull time that is meant for every substance of your office and another is fragile that is meant for only delicate things.

Transportation: For office shifting, this process is quite crucial and hectic. But as I mentioned our trained crew has all the fix. It is often very difficult to move put the office shifting belongings as they are very delicate and furniture are quite heavy than the regular ones. But our experts use the best technologies as in cranes and shuttles to move every belonging without causing any harm.

Unpacking: Unpacking services come with an extended for as redecoration. Yeah, we unpack all the product according to labeling under your supervision and get you cleared whether everything is fine or not. We place the package boxes as per your concern. And if you want for further services we can also redecorate your new office with attained crew member who knows how to decorate a sophisticated office.

Luxury Service:

Shuttle: If you have a very narrow or obstructive entrance, we come with a shuttle so that we can directly move the goods from your office door to your trucks.

Creates: We have customized boxes for your delicate office shifting belongings. At first, we do a survey of the goods that are needed to take special care and then we customize our package boxes according to the sizes of your goods. In this way, they get least hampered.

IT equipment transfer: We have expertise group of people who can carefully transfer or shift your IT equipment without causing any damage. office shifting We have poly package systems that save your goods from dirt. Again we have Stretch wrap boxes that will give you a safety for the delicate products.


Conclusion: Office relocation means a great threat to of downtime and it is quite irresistible as you don’t have any choice but to invest your time. But not now. The time has changed. We have become smarter than ever and our office relocation service is just one of the smarter moves of present times. office shifting It is like having an extra hand when you are not capable of performing the whole process. And we appear as the best helping hand as we know the importance of safely shifting your office goods without consuming much time of yours.